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In today’s data-centric business environment, protecting your organization’s and clients’ data against accidental loss, database corruption, hardware failures, and even natural disasters is vital. The Computer Center of Hanover offers essential data backup, storage, and recovery services to make sure your data can be quickly recovered after such an event.
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Ensure your data is never lost

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Data Backup, Storage, & Recovery

To ensure your data is always backed up and accessible to you for recovery, we offer two primary options: cloud backup and local backup.

Local backup provides an onsite solution to back up massive quantities of data. Your devices will be backed up onto an external hard drive so that all of your data is securely stored in case your computer fails.

Cloud backup allows you to unlimited amounts of data backup up to one year back. This ensures your data is accessible from anywhere – even if it is wiped out locally due to a catastrophe at the site of your business.

You didn’t even have to think about backing up your data. We configure everything so that backups are automatically scheduled at the intervals of your choice. You can work worry-free knowing you won’t lose your work.

Our data backup solutions are customizable and easy to use. Call today so our experts can find the data storage, backup, and recovery solution best suited to your organization.