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The average business server receives thousands of connections per minute. Your server is the beating heart of your organization’s technology resources. The Computer Center of Hanover specializes in keeping Microsoft servers ticking without missing a beat so the communication that is the lifeblood of your business’s success can continue to flow smoothly.
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Reliable Server Support

We’ll help you design new services, as well as integrate them into existing server infrastructure and configure them. To make sure services are performing at their optimum, we conduct periodic benchmarking and performance audits. We also administer periodic security audits to keep your server hardened against malicious threats.

Stability is key when it comes to web presence. We monitor your server, network, and applications 24/7. We also provide executive reporting for real-time status updates and remote maintenance tasks such as patch installations.

All of this keeps your server running smoothly and minimizes downtime. Make sure you are connected an visible at all times by calling our skilled server support technicians today for the best care a Microsoft server can know.