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& Malware Support

Are your systems running slower or acting quirkier than usual? Nowadays, it’s hard to avoid unknowingly downloading viruses or malware from the internet. The Computer Center of Hanover can help you get cleaned up and restored before this malicious software becomes a bigger problem.
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Computer Virus Removal Service

Our technology experts will get your computers and network back up and purring smoothly by detecting and removing the offending viruses and malware, as well as any other undetected threats quietly lurking in your system.

Virus removal services include:

  • Removal of any viruses, malware, spyware, and rootkits on your system
  • Repair of operating system issues, testing proper functionality
  • Modify system to prevent future infections
  • Perform critical updates to decrease system vulnerability
  • Advice to help keep your systems secure

Contact our tech staff today to clean up your system. We’re ready to squash the bugs that are causing mischief and keep you running clean!